The most advanced assisted reproduction techniques

In our commitment to offering patients the latest developments in assisted
reproduction, we invest the necessary resources to stay at the forefront of assisted
reproductive technology. We are IVF, artificial insemination and egg donation

Artificial insemination

Given that we employ some of the top specialists in artificial insemination, we can offer higher success rates. Keep reading to find out more about this technique and how it could help you.

In vitro fertilisation (IVF)

Here at the Ginefiv assisted reproduction clinic, we have spent over 35 years helping couples with infertility issues to fulfil their dream of becoming parents. Discover what IVF is, how it is done and who it is the right technique for.

New egg donation programmes

Ginefiv now offers two new egg donation programmes with high guarantees of success, designed to adapt better than ever to your individual case.

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Find out more about all our assisted reproduction techniques and treatments.

We open a new clinic in Madrid Center

At Ginefiv we want to be closer to you.

That’s why we offer the most recent assisted reproduction technological developments, the most modern facilities and all of our 35 years of experience to help form families. And now we are also in central Madrid.

We’ll be expecting you!

Guaranteed Pregnancy Plan

Ginefiv’s Guaranteed Pregnancy Plan offers all the benefits of our egg donation treatments, with the promise that you will achieve a viable pregnancy within 24 months.

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Do you want to participate in a Ginefiv and Ferring Pharmaceuticals clinical trial?

We are looking for female candidates to participate in a clinical trial for Ferring Pharmaceuticals. It could help patients undergoing in vitro fertilisation treatments.

35 years of experience
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Cutting edge technology
High success rates
Affordable prices

Our clinics

Ginefiv is now one of the largest and most complete centres in Spain, capable of offering the best assisted reproduction treatment for each individual fertility issue, with a comprehensive service and a global perspective.

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