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Endometriosis and adenomyosis unit

Endometriosis and adenomyosis are both benign diseases which affect 1 in 10 women of reproductive age, but its frequency in women with sterility or failed treatments is over 40%. The correct evaluation and treatment of these diseases requires a multidisciplinary approach like that offered by our Endometriosis and Adenomyosis High Complexity Unit.

Endometriosis and adenomyosis are caused by the presence of tissue with similar characteristics to endometrial tissue, but located outside of the uterine cavity. When this tissue is found in the ovaries (forming cysts – endometrioma) or in other locations of the abdominal cavity, we are dealing with endometriosis, when it occurs in the uterine muscle wall (myometrium), we are dealing with adenomyosis.

Even though not all patients with endometriosis are infertile, the fertility of many women with endometriosis and adenomyosis can be compromised for various reasons, such as:

  • Reduced ovarian reserve
  • Reduced oocyte quality
  • Altered uterine contractility
  • Anomalies in the fallopian tubes
  • Changes in endometrial microbiotics

Our Endometriosis and Adenomyosis High Complexity Unit is dedicated to the comprehensive and fully personalised care of these patients, reducing discomfort and preventing possible complications, as well as improving and preserving their fertility.

We carry out an overall assessment of the case and most of the time, this makes it unnecessary to resort to a surgical solution to the problem.

Our medical team of gynaecologists, who specialise in assisted reproduction and who are experienced in diagnostic imaging, establishes strategies to avoid the progression of the disease and it can apply personalised treatment programmes

How can we help you?

  • With imaging tests: direct images of the uterine cavity in order to check that it is not affected (Reproductive Hysteroscopy Unit) and the realisation of a two- and three-dimensional ultrasound assessment of the internal genitals (High Resolution Ultrasound Unit).
  • With an assessment from the point of view of reproductive planning.
  • With nutrition consultancy (through our Nutrition Unit).
  • With endometrial preparation using specific protocols.
  • With a careful review of the indications for surgery.
  • With psychological support (through our Psychology Unit). We can also make our psychology unit available to you to resolve any doubts and to assist you at
    any moment of the treatment
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