Assisted reproduction

Embryoscope – Incubador time-lapse

The Embryoscope, an incubator with time-lapse technology, is an advanced incubation system which is equipped with a sophisticated image capture system.

What is the Embryoscope time-lapse incubator?

The Embryoscope time-lapse incubator is an advanced incubation system which is equipped with a sophisticated image capture system.

It allows us to observe the development of embryos fertilised in the IVF lab, from the moment when fertilisation occurs to their transfer to the maternal uterus, without having to remove them from the incubator to run the checks

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The advantages of the Embryoscope over traditional incubators

Time-lapse incubators notably improve culture conditions compared to the conventional methods used in assisted reproduction and this can increase the possibilities of becoming pregnant.

Thanks to its image capture system, Embryoscope technology provides excellent information about each embryo, without the need to take them out of the incubator to observe and/or manipulate them.

This means that the incubation is much more stable, with no changes in the temperature or humidity of the culture, making it possible to obtain better quality embryos.

The Embryoscope can also improve embryo selection: as more information about the embryo is available, we can detect morphological anomalies which previously may have gone unnoticed.

The chance of implantation of embryos which follow certain cell division times and show the right morphological changes can be improved by between 10% and 15%.

When should the Embryoscope be used?

It is mainly used in cases where there was a previous unsuccessful cycle; but all IVF treatments can use time-lapse incubators like the Embryoscope, seeing as they provide us with more points of information about the embryos’ development, thus enabling us to make a more precise selection