Ginefiv Pregnancy Guarantee

At Ginefiv fertility clinic we want you to fulfil your dream of becoming a mother. That is why we are committed to achieving it within 24 months, with the best Pregnancy Guarantee programme.

What is the Pregnancy Guarantee programme?

It is a programme that offers you all the advantages of our treatments, with our commitment to achieve a viable pregnancy in 24 months.

This Pregnancy Guarantee programme is especially recommended for:

  • Women in good general and gynaecological health, and without medical contraindication for pregnancy.
  • Committed to follow the guidelines of our team at all times and to carry out all the treatments included in the guarantee.

Only Ginefiv can commit to a programme that guarantees the birth of your baby, as we have the best pregnancy success rates and the best laboratories and specialists in assisted reproduction.

In addition, we are committed to innovation and research on an ongoing basis. For all these reasons, we know that we have the best guarantee so that our patients can fulfil their dream of having a child

What exactly is the guarantee we offer you?

We are committed to achieve your pregnancy and the birth of your baby and, to do so, we will put all our knowledge, experience and technical and human resources at your disposal.

We also commit to achieve this objective within 24 months. Exceptionally, if this period is exceeded for reasons beyond the patient’s control, this period may be revised, always at the discretion of the management of the assisted reproduction clinic.

If a viable pregnancy is not achieved, we will refund the full amount you have paid.

How can you access this guarantee?

In order to access the Ginefiv Pregnancy Guarantee programme, you must undergo an individualised assessment in consultation with a specialist from our medical team. It will always be the medical criterion that prevails when it comes to being able to access your contract.

What do we ask for in return?

CONFIDENCE: That you follow each of the treatment recommendations indicated by the medical team.

COMMITMENT: That there is continuity in the treatment; that it is not abandoned for long periods of time.

TRUTH: That you provide us with truthful information about your medical history, as well as about previous treatments and test results

What does the guarantee include?

The Ginefiv pregnancy guarantee programme includes the following concepts:

  • All medical and genetic controls of the donors.
  • Cryopreservation of the embryos obtained during the period of validity of the guarantee.
  • All laboratory techniques that may be indicated.
  • The freezing and conservation of sperm samples during the entire period of the guarantee.
  • All transfers of frozen embryos generated during the treatments.

What is not included?

The following services are not included in the Pregnancy Guarantee programme and will therefore be paid for in accordance with the current rates:

  • Consultations and tests prior to contracting this guarantee.
  • Diagnostic tests aimed at the treatment of implantation failure, which may be required in the event that there is no pregnancy after the first transfers.
  • Genetic or chromosomal tests that may be necessary during treatment.
  • Surgical and diagnostic procedures, such as hysteroscopy or laparoscopy and curettage.
  • Andrological tests and treatments, with the exception of seminogram.
  • Obtaining spermatozoa directly from the testicle by biopsy (TESE) or their cryopreservation and maintenance.
  • Donor sperm sample if necessary.
  • Delivery, controls and obstetric follow-ups of the pregnancy after the first gestational check-up visit.
  • Genetic compatibility test (GCT).
  • The maintenance of surplus embryos after the end of the guarantee programme.
  • Reimbursement of interest accrued on bank financing if requested.